Passion for nurse's health!

A few years ago I was developing a training program for health workers to support clients who were at risk of developing type II diabetes and needed to address their lifestyle risk factors; smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, stress and obesity.

Many of the health workers commented "I should really be doing this myself" and "I'm not sure that I am the best person to talk to someone about smoking because I need to quit first."

This got me thinking; should health workers be healthy themselves before they talk to their patients and clients about healthy eating?

Fast forward 5 years; I was lucky enough to be successful in being awarded a Grant from the (former) Department of Health & Aging which allowed me to develop an online survey on nurse's health.

Over 6000 nurses from across Australia responded to the Survey with many commenting "about time someone looked at nurse's health" and "I have been a nurse for over 50 years and this is the first time that anyone has ever asked me about my health!"

My name is Kay Ross and I am a registered nurse, currently teaching student nurses, which I love. I trained at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (Sydney) - a lifetime ago. I have been very privileged to see a lot of changes in nursing and healthcare over the last 40 years. I currently live on the Gold Coast, QLD which means that I am near the beach, which I love!

Now it is time to start looking at nurse's health.